Wednesday, 15 July 2015


...السلام عليكم
this is my first post so i think i would fill it with the day i went home from hari raya! enjoy~

i took off from my hostel at 11.15 am after the khatam al-Quran ceremony (i didn't got the chance to say goodbye to dorm mates because there were so many people bustling about) and arrived home in one piece, alhamdulillah. 

   i thought i would get the chance to kick back and relax but then my mom told me to get ready because we're going hari raya shopping at Jaya Jusco, Seremban 2! i didn't felt ecstatic because i was tired but i realized that she just came back from work so i thought i should just go along with the flow. 

   it wasn't that bad (i even got myself a new pair of headphones- i had to borrow rm9 from my brother, though...)

   just as the box says, it does provides amazing sounds but wearing them for an extended period of time really makes my head and ears ache.

 i also have new sandals now. they're 100x way more comfortable than my old cikupa sandals.

   i think that's all for today- now that that's settled, i can now continue editing my blog template (it has been giving me problems for a while, it's frustrating.) later~